Branding Portfolio and Reviews

I’ve been very happy with the service at Agua Entrepreneurial Solutions. When I started shopping around for a logo design company I couldn’t believe the prices. Thousands of dollars for a logo!! That wasn’t in the budget. The prices at Agua E Solutions for professional logo design are very reasonable and their work is high quality.

Caleb – Irvine Plumbing & Heating

I first approached Agua Entrepreneurial Solutions in 2008 to have a logo created for my business, Fantasy Faces. I wasn’t 100% sure of what I wanted but I did want something that was colorful and unique – something that would immediately identify me as a face painting or children’s entertainment business. They first explained the importance of logo branding and then proceeded to send me some logo samples. I was amazed at how they managed to transpire my thoughts onto the computer to create an amazingly unique logo that fit my business like a glove. Thank you Agua Team!

Fantasy Faces