Marketing Features & Benefits

Before we implement anything, we first analyze and identify your market niche, succinctly summarized in your personal free marketing report, which includes:

  1. Keyword List: Analysis of the available keywords you could target which are relevant to your niche. We base these conclusions and recommendations on heavy data analysis and intimate knowledge of people’s search preferences.
  2. Competition Analysis: We will take a closer look at your direct competition and determine the reasons they currently outrank you.
  3. The Work: The work combines the previous two sections and our experience in SEO for a comprehensive month-by-month breakdown of activities.

Unlike most Internet marketing companies, we don’t believe you should have to pay upfront fees to cover the initial services (collecting and collating different client information). To sweeten the deal, AGUA Enterprise Solutions will even make basic SEO changes to the clients’ websites for free as a part of first month services.

In line with our dedication to bring you success, we report, in detail, the performance of the website twice a month, clearly showing the amount and quality of the traffic to the website, the demographics, geographical distribution and site of usage of the visitors. You can easily compare figures across the project time frame and evaluate how much bang you got for your buck.

We do NOT exploit short-term opportunities or tricks (search engine algorithms constantly change). We focus on long term marketing, by going back to the basics:

  1. Quality link building.
  2. Original content creation and distribution.
  3. Current client contact information.
  4. Keeping clients focused on their premium user experience by periodically updating their site like

Search engine optimization does not include heavy interaction with your project manager although he will make sure your project is properly assigned to the team and is well on its way to completion. They will further ensure that you receive your bi-weekly report on time and are informed of vital communication.

The backbone of every website is its content and so to keep your visitors coming, we provide only premium quality articles. This includes working closely with you to understand the tiniest of details and convey them alongside other helpful information, adding value as a result.

To ensure you rank high even after continuous algorithm changes, we closely monitor the SEO landscape and pinpoint things which could worsen your ranking, such as:

  1. Outdated website design
  2. Insufficient or low quality content on the pages
  3. Functionality issues
  4. Duplicate content
  5. Copyright infringement
  6. Infrequent, or no, updates
  7. Not adding value for users

For example, our recommendations would be that blogs could address points 3 and 4.