Social Media

Social media is fast becoming mandatory for Calgary small businesses. Social media offers a way for your clients and potential clients to directly connect with your brand regardless of your business size.

With our custom social media plans Calgary businesses are connecting with more clients than ever before. We work with Facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn amongst other social networks.

We recently moved our social media campaign over to AGUA. We have been most impressed with the speed of results being delivered. Our page followers have surpassed in one month what our previous firm did in a whole year. On top of this our page engagement is through the roof. AGUA has been a one stop shop for Home Flooring managing our website, SEO, Paid ads and now Social Media Campaign.

Moe Uran: Home Flooring Design Center

Our Pricing Model

We offer a custom pricing model for our clients social media campaigns. The final price depends on your budget and the aspects of social media you want us to manage. Social media campaigns vary greatly and a specific strategy is formed to deliver desired results. Strategies will usually consist of mixed tasks such as page promotion, content scheduling, increasing user engagement, and other secret tactics to bring fans to your pages. Contact us to receive a custom quote.

Increase Likes/Followers & Fans

We will utilize your paid ads budget to increase targeted qualified likes and followers to your social media pages. These fans are genuinely looking for your products and services. They join your page because they are begging for you to provide them with content that interests them. Companies that provide this content will ultimately become a leader in social media.

Engaging Social Media Content:

We work just like a publishing house with planned content schedules for your social media platforms. This carefully planned content will drive user engagement and in turn help with customer service and sales. A weekly social media plan may cover some of the following activities: helpful tips, useful videos, dynamic images, product/ service descriptions, special offers and contests.

Promote Products and Services:

We will use paid social media ads to directly drive sales of your products and services. These ads will be highly targeted sorting out users specifically interested in your products and services. We constantly optimize your ads to drive down cost while increasing click through ratios.

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the practise of building a business fan page with the intent of creating and distributing content through the pages fans. Engaging and relevant content must be updated regularly to enable fan engagement and sharing with others.


How do you know if a social media plan is working? The real truth behind what your social media plan is doing for your business comes from our custom reporting that focuses on activities completed, content scheduled, content posting and added value to the page through increased likes to the page.

No Term Contracts

We believe in our service that was built for your business. We have created this for one reason only : To help your business grow. This means that we do not require any long term contracts. You can always cancel this service with 30 days’ notice. No questions asked.